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New Jersey Home Watch Services

Beach Watch provides New Jersy Home Watch Services on the Jersey shore.  We are familiar with the stress and challenges of owning a vacation home especially when you are away. There are quite a few serious issues that can develop like wind and storm damage, leaky pipes, heater shutting off in the winter.

The truth is with out a home watch service company you will not know until its too late.

Beach Watch will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is being looked after and cared for in your absence.

Our complete and thorough checklist performed by our trained home inspectors, includes the  interior and exterior of your home and yard.

Beach watch offers our clients weekly and bi-monthly home inspections.

We walk the entire property inside and out checking for vandalism, broken water pipes, torn screens as well as retrieving mail, fliers, trash and debris that storms have blown around. Beach Watch checks for small issues before they could potentially turn onto major problems.

Beach Watch utilizes state of the art encrypted home watch software to protect your personal information and your privacy in addition to GPS tracking with live time photos and reports. Upon our completion of your inspection we will email pictures and videos of potential issues. Beach Watch will contact you immediately in the event something is not right.

Do not be afraid to ask for something out of the ordinary. Not all of our client’s homes have the same needs. Beach Watch will meet with you and discuss your personalized needs and customize any and all of our services.

In addition to our scheduled home inspections Beach Watch can:

  • Meet your contractors
  • Assist with home deliveries
  • Arrange for cleaning services
  • Storm prep and after storm inspection
  • Secure delivered packages
  • Change smoke alarm batteries and filters
  • Home opening and closing
  • Concierge services
  • Emergency calls

Partnering with Beach Watch Luxury Home services will give you the peace of mind knowing that your privacy and your home is being cared for by a professional home watch company.  We are your eyes and ears while you are away and we have your back 24/7

Beach Watch home services is fully bonded, insured.