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Hurricane and Nor’easters

A subject we avoid until it is too late

In 2012 Super Storm Sandy hit the northeast part of New Jersey with unprecedented power and strength inflicting over $70 billion dollars in damage. Super Storm Sandy was the second most costliest storm ever to hit the U.S. until Marie and Harvey hit just two short years ago.

The storm caught many home owners and even weather forecasters in New Jersey off guard and ill prepared.

Wishful thinking is not a very good plan to protect to protect your home during such a tragic event.

Your outdoor furniture, trash cans and decorations can fly around the outside of your house causing extensive damages.

Emotions run high when large and small storms are forecasted and you are miles away from your home waiting with uncertainty of the out come.

Beach Watch Luxury Home Services and can alleviate your worries.

Our storm prep services will be immediately put into action once a major storm is forecasted. Our team will visit your home prior to the storm hitting with our pre-storm check list and make the proper preparations to help limit the damages.

Our pre-storm check list will include:

  • Before storm pictures
  • Storm shutters: install or activate as needed
  • Move patio furniture to a safe place
  • Move potted plants
  • Take down decorations
  • Check for anything on house that might be lose or hanging
  • Check the down spouts for proper function

Immediately after the storm has passed we will arrive at your home and perform a post storm inspection and report. We will take pictures and videos and assist you with meeting your insurance adjustor if necessary. We will also replace everything that was secured back to its original place.

Thinking is not knowing. Knowing is having Beach Watch look after your home before and after a storm to alleviate your worries.

Call us today to discuss our storm watch services and to see how easy it is to have your home watched over while you are away.